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Waveform visualizers
Visualize your audio by selecting one of the waveform animations.
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Auto generate transcript
Automatically transcribe your audio for perfectly captioned videos.
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Upload your assets
Upload your own images and videos to personalize your template.
Time visualizer icon
Time visualizers
Show the progress of your audio with one of our time visualizers.
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Free stock videos
Find free and premium stock videos and add them to your projects.
GIF icon
GIF animations
Add GIFs to your videos to make your static content dynamic.
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Animated stickers
Search and choose out of many animated stickers, texts, and 3D emojis.
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Free stock images
Enhance your videos with stunning premium stock photography.
Vectors and shapes icon
Vectors & Shapes
Add designer-made vectors and shapes to your videos.
Template editor icon
Template editor
Make use of the full-fledged editor to create and customize templates.
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Text styles
Add texts to your templates and adjust the font and text style as desired.
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Videos in any format
Create videos in any format, ready to be shared on all social media platforms.

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