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With the click of a button, you can transcribe videos in any language and add subtitles to your video.


Change the font, color, size, position, and more of your subtitles to match your video.

How-to guide

How to automatically add subtitles to a video

Learn how to transcribe your audio or video into any language at the click of a button. Once transcribed, make changes to your subtitles, reposition, and create your video.

Step 1

Select an audio or video file

Start by selecting an audio or video file. With Vokal you can trim a part of your longer file for which you want to make a video. If you select an audio file, you can easily turn it into a video with our video editor. The language does not matter as you can select it before transcribing.

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Step 2

Transcribe and create your subtitles

Select the language of the speech in your audio. Generate your subtitles by clicking the transcribe button. Give it a minute or two and your subtitles should magically appear on your screen. The process could not be any easier.

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Step 3

Edit and customize your subtitles

You can fully customize the text of your subtitles. Check for errors and make changes if necessary. Once everything is in order, you can move your subtitles. Do this by dragging and dropping the subtitles anywhere in your video. Click on the subtitles to change the font, size, color and style of the text.

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Step 4

Create and share your video

Preview your video and make sure everything is correct by hitting the play button. Make adjustments if necessary. Click the "Export" button in the top right corner to create your video. Give it a moment and we'll let you know once you can download and share your brand new video.

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Why you should add subtitles to a video

The benefits of including subtitles in your videos are enormous. At a time when there is so much clutter on social media, having things that set you apart is do or die.

You have the sound and video aspects in check. To go a step further and increase the engagement of your videos you should add subtitles. People learn and remember more things when you hit them with all three aspects.

Most people will mute your video

The majority of people that are on social media do it via their mobile phones. You can imagine them listening to their songs in the background. Or they are located in a public space and don't want to disrupt other people.

Over 85% of videos on Facebook are watched on mute. When you're showing a video without subtitles you lose out on a lot of potential listeners. Even if most of your listeners have their sound on, there will always be a percentage that has it off. By adding subtitles, you don't miss out on potential listeners who have their device muted.

Not everyone can hear your audio

Currently, less than 1 in 20 Americans are deaf or hard of hearing, according to the SSIP. That is a reasonable amount of people that will be excluded. If you do not choose to provide textual content with your audio.

A lot of the content that gets posted on social media does not take these numbers into consideration. Platforms like Youtube offer speech recognition. This is used to generate and include a transcript for videos. They do it well and are definitely more conscious of people with hearing problems.

Other platforms do not offer anything similar and leave it up to the video creator to include it or not. With Vokal you can easily generate subtitles and include them in your final video.

Not everyone understands your language

That may be a shocker (hopefully not 👀). But not everyone on the internet speaks your language. Or your language may not be their native language. So your audience may not comprehend your content as well as you'd hope to. By adding subtitles to your video you may help them out a lot when it comes to understanding. It will allow your non native speaking audience to read along while they are watching.

A lot of people turn on subtitles when they have the option. Even if they understand your language. This can be because they watch videos muted. Or because they want to better understand the content by reading along. Taking all this into consideration, adding subtitles is a win-win.

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