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Use Vokal to easily add logos to your videos with our online video editor tool. Make your videos your own by including your logos in your video so it stays yours when it gets shared out of context.

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You will always be able to add your logo to a video completely for free, with Vokal.

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Drag your logo onto your video and we'll make your video at the click of a button.

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Once you have created your video with your logo, it can be shared on any social media platform.

Video demos

Examples of videos with logos

Below you can find a handful of videos with logos added to show what you can create with our editor.

How-to guide

How to add a logo to your video

Step 1

Upload your video

Once you have created a free account you will be able to upload one of your videos. You will even be able to trim a certain part of your video to make a video for. When the video is uploaded you can add your logo and further customize your video.

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Step 2

Add your logo

You can upload your logo and add it to your video by dragging and dropping your logo. Once added, you can easily reposition and resize the logo. Preview the video with your logo before creation.

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Step 3

Customize your video

You should have created a video with your logo now. Feel free to further customize your video. Do so by adding elements such as a waveform, time progress bar, subtitles, and more.

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Step 4

Share your video

Create your video in any format and download it as soon as it is available. The videos are ready to be shared on any social media platform that accepts videos.

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Why you should add your logo to your videos

If you run a business, adding your brand or logo to your videos may seem like an obvious choice. You want to get your name out there as far and as much as possible.

The advantages outweigh the non-existent disadvantages. Vokal also makes it super easy to add and customize logos to videos. So you have no good reason at all not to. Did I also tell you that you can get started completely free of charge? I know, I know... I love you too.

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Increase brand recognition

By including your logo in all your videos, you increase brand awareness. It even increases the professionalism of your videos. Your audience will immediately know it's you. Thus better understand what to expect if they decide to continue watching your video. This is crucial if you're competing for social media watch time. A place where the average attention span is notoriously very limited.

Including your logo in your videos and images also introduces new people to your brand. This is definitely helpful if they keep seeing your videos on different social media. They will know it comes from the same source and trust your brand more. They are more likely to view other content from you if they are familiar with your brand.

McDonald's and Coca-Cola

The red conglomerates Coca-Cola and McDonald's have powerful logos. Their notoriety speaks for itself. They know they can start cravings. Just by showing their logo's and they put good use to this superpower. Learn from the giants and apply it on a smaller scale. Always include your logo in your content, create your story and make it memorable.

Watermark your videos

A logo is very similar to a watermark. It's a good idea to add a watermark to verify ownership of the video you post online. When you put something online, you never know where it will end up. By adding your watermark, you can prevent unauthorized use of your video content.

You can never stop this completely. People can easily download and repost your video anywhere. If you add a logo to your video, you can at least drive the traffic it generates back to your website. If you do decide to include your domain name in your logo.

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