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How-to guide

How to add a progress bar to your video

Step 1

Select your audio or video

We will be adding a progress bar to either your audio or video content. So get either one and upload it to Vokal via our super easy-to-use user interface. You can even trim a certain part of your media before actually uploading it, how great is that?

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Step 2

Choose and modify your progress bar

We have a list of progress bars from which you can choose by clicking on one. Once clicked on it will magically appear on your video. Adjust (with ease) the sizing, color, and transparency of your visualizer to your liking.

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Step 3

Create your video

Are you satisfied with your creation? Time for the easiest part, making your final video. It's super easy because we do the heavy lifting. Click to create your video and we will let you know when your video is ready so you can share and download it.

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Video demos

Preview videos with progress bars

Check out 3 different progress bar demo videos below. Made using Vokal to show you what you can make with ease.

Frequently Asked

A time progress bar is the best way to visualize how long and what your current progress is within a video.

Social media is saturated with flashy and interesting content, you can probably imagine that attention spans are super low. Posting text only or a simple image will no longer cut through the clutter.

A progress bar signals to the viewer that your content is not a static image but dynamic and something interesting might happen if they continue to watch. All in all, adding a progress bar is an easy, fast, and great way of increasing the engagement of your content on any social media platform.

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