Hey there! 👋

My name is Frizky, I'm the creator of Vokal, a super easy-to-use tool to turn your audio files into stunning videos for social media.

Vokal is currently a one-man show. I do everything from development to design, marketing, and support. There is no big company behind this machine, just me and help from the girlfriend when it comes to design.

I am a software developer from the Netherlands. However, I spend most of my time in South East Asia. I am currently working full time on this project.

Running servers and applications is expensive. If you decide to subscribe (Thank you! 🥺) the money will directly support the maintainability and improvement of Vokal.


There are many applications that allow you to create videos online. I've tried a bunch of 'em. Many of them make the process too complex. I've done my best to make it super easy to use, with no timelines. Instead, create a template from scratch or select an existing designer-created template, add your audio, and render video.

By subscribing to Vokal, you support an independent and bootstrapped business.
Thank you for choosing Vokal and making my ideas possible.