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If you are looking for a tool to create videos for your podcast audio, then you need to check out Vokal. Vokal makes it easy to create engaging and professional-looking videos for your podcast.

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How-to guide

How to turn your podcast into a video

Step 1

Upload or find your podcast

Once you signed up you will be prompted to upload your podcast audio file or select it via our podcast finder tool. Select your podcast and trim some of it if necessary.

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Step 2

Customise your video

Customise the look of your video and have complete freedom to move all elements. Add images and videos, do it all with our super-simple video editor.

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Step 3

Add subtitles

Have the option to transcribe your audio, in any language, into subtitles. Once created, automatically add them to your video, all with the click of a button.

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Step 4

Visualize your audio

Add an audio waveform and time progress bar to visualize the sound and duration of your podcast. This is will help to increase the engagement of your video.

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Step 5

Create and share you video

Finished modifying your podcast video? Preview your video before creating it. Do you like what you see? Generate your video and we will notify you once the video is ready to download and share.

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Examples of podcast videos

You can use the built-in templates and designs, or you can customize your own. With Vokal, you can add your own images, text, waveforms and subtitles to make your videos truly unique.

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Daily dose
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Frequently Asked

If you're not already creating video content to go with your podcast, you're missing out. Videos are a great opportunity to engage with your audience. Here are four reasons why you should start making videos for your podcast.

1. Engage more people on social media

It is not difficult to understand that videos are much more engaging than images and texts. Videos generate 1200% more shares on social media than both images and text combined. Videos are much more interesting because they contain moving images. Which is always better than static images, right? It also includes audio and you can even add subtitles for your audience to read along.

All this together, you can understand that videos are the most engaging type of content.

2. Post your content on more platforms

If you want to grow your podcast as much and as quickly as possible, it's smart to post your content on more platforms.

Only creating your podcast in a certain format will limit the number of platforms you can post to. There are only social media video platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok and Vimeo. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Tik Tok is fast becoming one of the largest social media platforms.

If you decide to turn your podcast into video, you can post your podcast on these platforms. Don't miss out by not making videos for your podcast.

3. Make your podcast memorable

So much content is posted on social media every day. Often, you have one shot at getting your audience's attention. Making your content as attractive as possible should be high on your to do list.

Posting your podcast in audio format can make it look boring at first glance. By converting your audio into video, you can easily make your content more attractive. Do this by adding elements such as audio visualizers, GIFs, stickers, images and videos.

Post video so your audience is more likely to remember your content. Extend the time they listen and increase the chances of subscribing or returning.

4. Highlight sections of your podcast

Make a video of the most interesting, fun and exciting parts of your podcast episodes. By making a video for it, you increase the chance that a new listener will want to hear more.

The goal of social media isn't to just post full podcast episodes. You need to remember that your audience can share, like, and post your content. Which leads to their circles being exposed to your content in a very organic way.

Create and share highlights of your podcast in video format. It will increase the likelihood that your audience will interact and share it.

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