How to Upload your MP3 Audio to Facebook

Share your MP3 audio on Facebook

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform in the world. With billions of users, the platform is your best bet in increasing your audience.

The problem

I know it sounds super strange, but Facebook DOES NOT allow you to upload your MP3 and other audio files to the platform.

Frustrated monkey

We know some great alternative methods to get your MP3 on Facebook, read on to find out what they are.

There are solutions such as uploading your audio to SoundCloud or DropBox. They are both file hosting services where you can upload your audio for free. Once you upload your file you will get a link that allows you to share your MP3 to Facebook.

I included an example of how it would look like if you did so.

I don't think this is the optimal solution. The result doesn't look too appealing and people need to click on a link and view the content on another site.

You are only able to share text, pictures and videos on Facebook. Only one problem, texts and pictures are static, boring and 2000-and-late. Videos consists of moving images and audio, much more enticing.

Did you know that videos generates 1200% more shares than both images and text combined? [source]

That's why I created an app that makes you turn your audio into awesome looking videos. You can even include subtitles and waveforms to visualize your audio.

Here are some examples of what you can create for free with Vokal.

Play icon
Play icon
Play icon

Make sure to click on them to play the video samples.

Read on if you would like to learn how to create your own for free. Or skip ahead if you would rather learn how to upload your audio to the mentioned file hosting services.

Turn your MP3 into a video with Vokal

So you have decided to create free videos with Vokal, great! It's super easy and fast, you will create your very own within minutes.

1. Sign up

Create your account with your email or social media account by clicking here.

2. Select your template

After logging in, you should see a screen like the one below.

Select your video format on top. Go for a square format if you want to post it on your Facebook page or feed. Choose portrait format if you want to create a Facebook and Instagram story. The landscape-format is your option if you want to share the video in the videos section of Facebook.

Choose one of our designer-made templates or start from scratch. Keep in mind that you can customize the templates if you decide to go for one of the pre-made ones.

3. Add a waveform and customize your template

Once you've clicked on a template or a blank one, the app should take you to the editor. It should look like something displayed below.

The editor has 3 elements. The left sidebar, the center canvas with your template, and the right sidebar. You can add elements by selecting them from the left sidebar. Once selected it will appear in the center canvas. Feel free to move around the elements. The right sidebar exists so you can customize the added elements.

Edit text elements on the canvas by double-clicking on them.

Time to add audio visualizers. You can do so by selecting time progress bars and waveforms from the visualizer tab on the left. Once you selected the ones you like, click on it and adjust the color in the right sidebar.

Like your creation? Great!

Save your template by hitting the button in the top right corner. Time to add your audio. Click on "Add audio" to save your template and exit to the next step.

4. Add and trim your audio

You add your MP3 and Wav audio after creating your template. The good thing about this is that you can adjust and reuse templates.

Enough about that, it's time to add your audio. You should see a screen that looks like the screen below.

You have 2 options now.

  1. You can upload your audio file by selecting it by clicking on the box.

The app only accepts MP3 and Wav audio formats. 2. If you are uploading a podcast audio file you might as well use our podcast finder tool on top. Type the name of your podcast and select an episode. The app will download your episode.

Trim your audio file by dragging your mouse over a part of the waveform. I display this in the video below.

Happy with your selection? Awesome.

You have the option to create your video now.

Do you want subtitles in your video? Click on the "Add transcript" button in the bottom right corner. Give the app a moment while it generates a transcription for your audio fragment.

5. Generate subtitles for your audio

Your subtitles should be visible on the screen now. It should look as displayed in the video demonstration in the previous step.

Feel free to edit the text if there were any errors.

Click on the Style tab to adjust the look and feel of the subtitles.

Don't like the position of the subtitles? Move them around by dragging them over in your template to the right. Ready? Hit the "Export Video" button in the bottom.

6. You have turned an MP3 into a video!

Great job, you're done! Give the app a couple of minutes depending on the length of your audio file. Feel free to close the tab, you will receive an email once your video is ready.

The office celebration

Once ready your video will be waiting for you on your "Videos" page. Hit the download icon to download your fresh video to your computer.

How to upload your audio to SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the largest music sharing platforms out there. Besides music, you can upload almost any MP3 and other audio files. So don't get discouraged if you want to share anything other than music.

Uploading to SoundCloud is super easy so this shouldn't take too long. Let's start!

1. Create your SoundCloud account

Head over to SoundCloud by clicking here and sign up for a free account.

2. Upload your MP3 file to SoundCloud

You're logged in and ready to go. Click on the link "Upload" which can find in the top right corner of your screen.

Click the big orange button to browse your computer, find your MP3 file and click on it. Or drag-and-drop your audio into the screen as I did below.

Fill in the audio information and select a picture to make your file more attractive. It is not mandatory but it is a nice bonus.

Everything good? Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to save your progress and proceed to the next step.

Copy the link or click on the Facebook icon to share your MP3 to Facebook.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, am I right?

How to upload your audio to Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the better-known file hosting services and is completely free. Google Drive is also a worthy mention and free. It works very similarly to Dropbox. I will cover how to upload your MP3's to Dropbox in this section.

1. Create your Dropbox account

Sign up for your free Dropbox Basic account by clicking here.

2. Upload your MP3 file to Dropbox

And we are in! You can upload your MP3 by dragging it onto the screen. Or do it the old-fashioned way by clicking "Upload files" on the right side of your screen. You will find the link under the blue button that says "Create new file".

Once you've done this, click the upload button at the bottom right of the popup window.

Wanna organize all your future files? Hit the "Create new folder" link to the left and create a folder for your audio files.

Do this before clicking the "Upload" button. Don't stress out if you didn't. You can always create a folder afterward.

Your MP3 is now uploaded and should be visible in your file list.

Time to get your link so you can share it on Facebook.

Hover over your newly uploaded file in the list. Once your cursor is on your file, you should see a "Share" button to the right of the title. Click on it.

A popup will appear on your screen. You can send the file to people by typing their email addresses in the email field. But we are not here for that. You should see a blue "Copy link" button at the bottom left of the popup. Once you click on it, the link should be automatically copied.

That's all folks, head over to Facebook to finish what you started!

Share your video or MP3 to Facebook

It was a journey but you made it all in one piece chief.

Head over to Facebook and copy-paste your link if you have uploaded your audio.

Created your video with Vokal? Upload your video by clicking the button as displayed in the image below.

You've finally uploaded your MP3 to Facebook, congratulations!

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