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Videos are by far the best way to get more shares on social media. Create videos with subtitles, waveforms and more to boost your online presence in an instant.

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Sound of tomorrow
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The Deal
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Daily dose
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Urban red
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Premium templates

Choose one of our premium designer-made templates or create your very own.

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Fully customizable

Use the editor to customize your template by adding images, videos, stickers, GIFs, texts, and so much more.

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Audio waveforms

Choose one of the audio waveform animations and adjust it to your liking to visualize your audio.

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Generate subtitles

Transcribe your video or audio in any language to text and automatically display it in your final video.

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Time progress bars
Show the time progress of your video with one of our time visualizers.
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Videos in any format
Create videos in any format, ready to be shared on all social media platforms.
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Upload your assets
Provide your own audio, videos, and images to personalize your project.
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Free stock videos & photos
Browse our premium free stock videos and photos and add them to your projects.
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GIF stickers & animations
Search and choose out of many GIFs, animated stickers, texts, and 3D emojis.
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Vectors & Shapes
Add designer-made vectors and shapes to elevate the design of your videos.

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